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A really general typeface. Based on the classic Internationals, the typeface distincts itself with short descenders and a tall x-height making paragraphs streamlined and tight. (You are currently reading text set in General).

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(Angst Journal)

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This journal is a visualisation of my first personal encounter with anxiety-disorder. Made, written and produced with panic attacks.

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A pile of posters, frequently updated. Mostly done at Blank Poster.

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Web-project about all the skeletons in our closets. Confessions gathered trough the help of Post Secret.


Working too much/hard

It’s a curse I have to live with. I’m always giving a 100%. Please do not, I repeat: do not, work with me if you don’t like things delivered before deadline.



10.17–12.17 • Internship, Bleed

08.16–Present • Contributor, Social Oriented Design

05.16–Present • Partner, Kollektivgrafikk

08.15–Present • BA Student, Graphic Design, Westerdals Oslo

01.15–Present • Freelance

08.14–06.15 • Year Course, Graphic Design, H. Kristiania


Halvor Nordrum is an Oslo-based graphic designer, currently taking a BA at Westerdals, mainly working in the fields of editorial design, visual idenities, type design and typographic solutions. I like small ideas placed in systems.

Avaliable for freelance or collaborative work.

Coded with support by the brilliant Nicolay Wesseltoft.



Growing up, I was sure lava was going to be one of those obstacles I was just going to have to deal with. In any way I could, I prepared for the day I was going to meet my maker. I have not yet used this skill.


Pretty much the same as with lava, but this monstrous creation you can’t outrun.

Venomous Snakes

Here’s the thing with snakes- they live off killing. And I hate killing


While we are living our mindless lives, the earth as we know might be turned upside-down. We’re in a time where the Worlds phosphorus storages is decreasing, which will end with food-production chaos. Look it up, it’s a real thing.

The Next Ice Age

In Oslo the other day it was -14 degrees. That’s cold.

Oslo Housing Prices

I’m totally comfortable living on the streets, but it be nice having a home which was just mine.

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